McMillan Woods Global Awards

The inaugural McMillan Woods Global Awards is a manifestation of the commitment of our members worldwide to promote and to recognise the successes of entrepreneurs in general.

Indeed, the inaugural McMillan Woods Global Awards is to highlight and recognise the achievements of the global leading business visionaries across all industry sectors and to honour their great contributions towards the global economic development. This annual global award ceremony is aimed not only to recognise their achievements and successes but to further encourage their determination to stay competitive and to overcome the many challenges globally.

Undeniably, the McMillan Woods Global Awards is aimed to target thecrème de la crèmeglobal leaders who have aspirations to chart the uncharted territories across the unknown horizon.

The global awards presentation is also aimed to create a solid platform for business networking opportunities among the successful and astute entrepreneurs. These initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the emergence of new business potentials and to spur the global industry growth despite the current global economic slowdown.

The key objectives of the global awards are primarily:
· As a mark of recognition towards the achievement attained by the business;
· As a mark of honour and encouragement to the entrepreneurs and business;
· Development of new business and upgrading of existing business; and
· As a catalyst of growth for global economic driver.

The award classifications are specially chosen for the three unique award categories namely:
· Personality Class
· MasterClass
· Rising Stars

Certainly, the annual award ceremony seeks to recognise and honour the many successful and astute entrepreneurs for their commendable contributions towards the world economic growth and their impeccable leadership qualities.